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Welcome to Skiathos Boat Hire and Boat Trips, powered by Stefanos Ski Center and operating in Skiathos since 1995.

Skiathos Boat Hire & Boat trips

Welcome to Skiathos Online Boat Shop. We offer a variety of boats to rent in Skiathos with or without a license.

We are a small family business operating on Vassilias beach below Kassandra Bay Hotel since 1995.

We offer a large variety of boats for all budgets. Please explore our website and contact us for any information you need.

We offer new quality boats for rent with or without a license.
We highly recommended it to explore Skiathos by the sea. Rent a boat by yourself and enjoy all 64 Skiathos beaches the best way with privacy and safety.
All our boats have new four-stroke engines to offer the ultimate experience to the driver and crew.
We provide detailed tutorials for navigating and operating our boats. 

You have the choice also to Rent a RIB boat with a driver, and we will make sure you will have a beautiful day to remember. Skiathos is a magical island full of beaches, and the best way to see everything is only by boat.
We organize beautiful trips to Lalaria beach and  Tsougria Beach with a combination of stops for lunch and magnificent swimming spots.
Choose your boat, read more details, and book directly online.

Why us

We help you find
⇢ The Perfect Boat!

We offer Outstanding new and reliable boats for rent in Skiathos. Best-In-Class!

We offer services built on trust.
It’s a small family business.

Skiathos is a magical island with 64 sandy beaches. The best way to explore and see everything by the sea.
We can help you find the boat or the boat trip that fits your needs making sure t will be an unforgettable experience!

Rent online your boat or Boat trip

If you cannot find the boat that fits your need, contact us, and we will do our best to get you the perfect boat or Rib for your vacation. We will be happy to help you find the perfect boat for your wedding or any special moment.

Rent a boat in Skiathos for a day and explore Skiathos beaches.

Skiathos offers an unique combination of sun, sea, sand, pine trees, and stunningly pure, blue skies.

Skiathos Boat Hire Web Site dedicated to boat hire, boat trips, and other activities and services.

 Renting a boat is a must for the following reasons

-You don’t need experience

-We give you full detailed tutorials

-We have top quality boats and engines for maximum safety

-We are very experienced, and we speak English fluently

-We Smile a lot 😃

-We are perfectionists with great love for what we do

We invite you to come to Vassilias beach and meet us. We will be more than happy to tell you all the information you might have about Boat Hire in Skiathos

and Love
on what we do

5 ways to explore Skiathos by the sea

Motor Boat Hire for NON licenced people( beginners)

Our Boats are special equipt for a perfect and safe journey

Motor Boats & Rib Boats ( Experienced drivers with licence)

If you own a valid boat driving license, you can rent a speedboat with engines bigger than 30 hp. You can choose between a Rib or a Polyester boat to explore Skiathos beaches.

Boat Trips with a Driver

We offer amazing trips you will love. With our comfortable Rib, we will explore the most magical beaches, Caves, and Beach Tavernas.

Weddings, Special Occasions & Fishing Trips

From Traditional Kaikis to modern Yachts, we will help you find the perfect boat for any occasion ( Coming soon...)

skiathos boat hire , maps, skiathos maps for boat rental intsruction and guide

Skiathos Sailing Daily Trips

There are SO many Sailing Boats in Skiathos Harbor, offering Magical moments! If you trust us, we have a suggestion for you. ( Coming soon...)

Answering the Two Most-Asked Question About Boat Hire in Skiathos

1. Do I need a license to rent a boat in Skiathos?


You don’t need experience or any specific license to rent a motorboat with an engine of up to 30hp. Anyone can rent a boat aged 18 years and up. What is essential is common sense and from you to respect and follow our instructions?

We speak English fluently so we will explain to you everything in the smallest detail. Explore our site, and you will find lots of useful information. In case you have a question, we will be happy to answer.

2. Where can I go with a boat?


We want to make it the perfect experience for you, and that’s why we pay so much attention to safety and regulation rules.
When you rent a boat for a day, you can only go 1.5 miles around the coast of Skiathos and the islands of Tsougria and Arkos. You may not go to Skopelos, Alonissos, or the mainland. 

If the weather permits, you can visit the north side of Skiathos, Lalaria beach, and all the beautiful beaches like Kehria, Aselinos, Mandraki, and so many more.

 To visit the north side of Skiathos, we will need to have the perfect weather. Normally the most popular trips for one day is the south side which is always protected and the islands of Tsougria and Arkos. Because of strong winds, we say you cannot go to the north side of the isnad. People go, and that can cause problems.  

Our safety briefings are unique! We believe we do give you a full idea of how to operate and navigate one of our boats first because we want you to have a marvelous day, and secondly because we like you to bring our boat back undamaged.  


We start at 10:00 am or earlier sometimes, and we will go through everything you need to know about your boat and the best place to visit. You are a captain of your own, and that’s why this is the most beautiful thing ever you can do in Skiathos !! 

There are many kinds of boat trips, but renting a boat by yourself is the top thing you can do in Skiathos.

The freedom you feel driving a boat in this safe, clean, and so beautiful Aegean Sea is unparalleled.

Read our F.A.Q page

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