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10 rules you must be aware of on boat hire

Rent a boat without a licence is pure fun but you must always follow our 10 golden rules for your safety.

Been in the sea with your boat exploring the most beautiful island in the world is pure fun is therapeutic in any way 

We take our job seriously as we want you to have fantastic fun and come back to rent again and again one of our boats 

Read our 10 boat hire rules, and you will have the day of your life 

10 crucial rules on boat hire in Skiathos

  1. Never get drunk while driving the boat
  2. Never drive close to swimmers 
  3. Never go full throttle, always drive slowly 
  4. Follow our advice about the weather and rocky areas
  5. Always return by the time we agree
  6. Always have a fully charged phone with an internet connection
  7. Never drive in the yellow boys showing the swimmer’s area
  8. Don’t drive in the port of Skiathos
  9. Is not allowed by the law the non licence boats to go Skopelos or Mainland
  10. Always watch you’re going and around you

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