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We are a family run business that believes in providing customer service of the highest quality and value for money. Since 1995, it has been located on Vasssilias Beach. We provide quality in all of our services, and Stefanos is a British and Greek government-certified waterski instructor.

We have operated on Vassilias Beach, below Kassandra Bay Hotel, since 1995.

Vassilias Beach is a small family beach about 2 kilometers from Skiathos, just below the Kassandra Bay hotel’s number eight bus stop.

We have given great importance to our customers; we really want to give them the best we can in terms of services. It is our great pleasure that, over the years, 70 percent of our customers are repeat customers and have supported us, and we thank you very much for this.


In the summer, everyone in our small family Boat Hire & Watersports business helps so that the services we offer are as good as possible, offering a unique experience to any customer who comes to rent a boat from us, do any kind of watersports, or learn to waterski, wakeboard, etc.




Stefanos & Jasmin 


Stefanos was born in Athens, but at a very young age, due to his father’s work, they moved to Skiathos, where he lived alone after studying abroad. His love for the island and for water skiing made him return and stay permanently in Skiathos.
Water skiing was now a way of life; it was a passion that managed to make it a profession, and this is a wonderful combination that creates a happy person by transferring knowledge in the best way possible.
The Beach of Vassilias is a small family beach without too many people, and this has the result that we can and have the ability to spend time with each customer, giving him the necessary time so that every service he chooses, whether boat rental or some water sports, becomes a unique experience and great memory

Jasmine, who was born in Skiathos, first met Stefano there when she came with a friend to learn how to waterski. Since then, the two have been together. Stavros and Alexandra, their two wonderful kids, assist in the business during the summer.



Memories and moments of the wonderful people who visited us with honor. The most lovely aspect of our work is the friendships we have forged with genuinely wonderful people who come to visit us every year. Every day, we add new pictures to our photo gallery and add ones from the past 28 years to Vasilias Beach.


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