"Agelos Boat I & II"

Top in Class

"Agelos I & ΙΙ" boats for rent

Agelos ΙΙ boat is  a new Compass 150cc
identical to AGGELOS I

📍You Don't need licence

We are so happy to have Angelos II” boat for rent, a beautiful high-quality boat to rent without a license 

We are especially pleased to announce a new boat added for summer 2019 to the group of boats that you do not need a license to rent.

This is an excellent new boat. We loved it and we are very happy to have it.
You can make your reservations and enjoy it with your family discovering every beach of Skiathos

All our Boats are equipped with ⤵

General Information

Boat & Engine

Boat include

Boat Include

Gallery of Aggelos I & Aggelos II magnificent boats ❤️

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Skiathos Weather

Weather in Skiathos

Skiathos Weather and weather conditions. Depending on the weather, the route you take with the boat may change, or you may have to cancel the

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