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Aggelos I
Aggelos I the ultimate boat to rent with out licence in Skiathos
Aggelos II
Aggelos I the ultimate boat to rent with out licence in Skiathos
Aggelos III
Aggelos III the ultimate boat to rent with out licence in Skiathos. New for Summer 2023
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"Aggelos I , II , III Top quality
boats for rent

Rent a boat with us and Discover the stunning coastlines, hidden coves, and beautiful beaches of Skiathos at your own pace.

✓ You Don't need licence

✓ We provide the most comprehensive tutorial briefing

Angelos I, II and III Offers Stunning Licence-Free Options for the Perfect Day Exploring Skiathos’s Beaches.

The magnificent Aggelos I, II, and III by Compass are now available for rent in Skiathos, and what’s even better? No licence is necessary! We are ecstatic to welcome this exceptional addition  Aggelos III to our fleet, and we cannot wait to show it to you.

We are delighted to have this new addition to our fleet and are completely smitten with it. It is an unrivalled option for those seeking an extraordinary cruising experience due to its flawless features and superior quality. With the Angelos I, II, or III boats by Compass, you and your family are able to go on a journey to discover the captivating majesty of each beach in Skiathos.

Make your reservations today for the Angelos I.II and III and experience the amazing sights and beaches of Skiathos. Discover the freedom and serenity of cruising along pristine coastlines, revelling in the sun’s warmth, and creating cherished memories with your loved ones. Do not pass up this exceptional opportunity to rent a boat in Skiathos without a licence. Start your adventure planning immediately and discover the breathtaking marvels of this Greek paradise.

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SKIATHOS BOAT HIRE briefing and boat tutorial

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Boat Include

Gallery of Aggelos I II and III , our magnificent boats ❤️

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