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Alessia , accused me for “dishonesty”

This year we got a one-star review from Alessia and her 4 friends from Italy. They rented a boat from us. Below, you can see what Alessia signed and agreed to, and below that, I explain everything that happened.

The Contract

Alessia , accused me for "dishonesty" 11

⤵︎Her original review

Screenshot 2022 09 21 at 12.36.02 PM
Alessia , accused me for "dishonesty" 12

⤵︎Her review from Google translate

Screenshot 2022 09 21 at 12.36.30 PM e1663773890362
Alessia , accused me for "dishonesty" 13

All the details

Let’s start from the beginning. 

First and foremost, especially considering how kind I was to these girls that day, I won’t stand being accused of being dishonest.

 I have therefore provided this review with all pertinent information. , photos , contracts from that day in my lawyer.  When i explained the details, they encouraged me to sue this person, as this review contains inaccuracies and is written in a manner that may harm and negatively impact my business. 

I won’t sue Alessia, but anyone reading this review must be aware of what happened that day.

Five  18-year-old girls from Italy who spoke almost no English. (I should note here that we do NOT rent our boats to people who we cannot communicate in English or Greek) and the reason we don’t do it is simply that when you don’t understand what we say to you in the morning, we will have such problems and misunderstandings.

I was  so surprised that Alessia took so much time to accuse me for dishonesty!!

Every morning we spend about 40+ 15 minutes explaining everything to the smallest detail about where you will go with the boat, what to avoid, and so many other things that are very important. 
So during the briefing, we immediately realized that Alessia and her friends did not speak or understand  English – they understood very few things, which made us more worried.

In these cases, we extend the briefing by repeating important things that the renter must understand.

So after we are sure that the customer has understood everything, sign the agreement, which clearly states that if the propeller is damaged, they will have to pay for it
Also, the renter reads and signs in front of us that he- she has checked everything.

First the propeller, and then to see that if something is not as it should be he- she should take pictures to avoid misunderstandings.

You can also see the agreement signed by Alessia.

After a full day out exploring Skiathos , when they returnd i realize they had difficulty aproachng the floating platform .The boat was in a mess with life jackets hanging out of the boat for some reason i didn’t understand , and the straps in danger of getting tangled in the propeller.

I personally entered the boat myself to approach the platform and tie up safely as it seemed impossible for girls to do

So my question to the girls after we tied and secured the boat  was:
All good ?
They told me everything was perfect!!!

So the first think we check is we always the propeller if is scratched , bend or broken

So when I lifted the engine up and to my great surprise I see the propeller knocked out and the main engines skeg completely broken !!

Suddenly the understanding between us even with the little English was lost !!

No matter how hard I tried to make them understand (cutting my finger deeply into the cut wing) that they would have to pay for the propeller it was impossible to come to an agreement

I tried to explain to them that the engine’s skeg and propeller were brand new and what was more serious was the large break in the skeg which would be very expensive to repair

The result

I said to them , no worries don’t pay the
230 euros you signed for the propeller ,
Don’t pay the repair of the skeg ( around 300 euros )
pay only 100 !!!!
I understand they are  young girls on holiday with limited budget  and sure to pay 460 euro which was not possible

But they didn’t want to pay even the 100 euros !!

In the end she  asked me to pay with the card, in addition to the boat, the gasoline and for the 100 euros,
I told her ok but it will be plus 24% which is the VAT and they didn’t accept it!!

What else can I say !!!!

And we have this result of me sitting around justifying the unjustifiable
My wife, my son, and Giannis, our employee, are all witnesses to this.

We had a wonderful summer this year and this now is unfortunately the only dark spot of the year

Allisia calling me DISONEST  is very bad and I don’t except it as I was so kind and friendly and tried all the bes I could for you to have a wonderful day with your friends

Anyway ..
I wish you all the best for the future

Below the two damages Alessia did to the engine

Damage 1. Broken propeller

IMG 0858
Alessia , accused me for "dishonesty" 14

Damage 2. Broken Skeg

IMG 0857
Alessia , accused me for "dishonesty" 15

Both damages cost more than 400 euros!

She paid 100 euros !! And she calls me dishonest !!

Anyway , i wish her only the best.

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