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Best Boat rental Routes, Tips for First-Time Boaters, and all the beaches in Skiathos

Introduction & tutorials

Welcome from the stunning island of Skiathos, a boater’s heaven. Whether you’re an experienced boater or this is your first time, visiting Skiathos’ gorgeous beaches and turquoise waters by boat will make an incredible experience. The top boating routes, crucial advice for novice boaters, and a list of must-see area sights are all included in this guide.

Boat Hire tutorials in Skiathos. A detailed tutorial by Stefanos on how to navigate and operate your boat
Stefanos giving a lesson on where to go with your boat

Best Boating Routes ( for windy , and not windy days )

South Side of Skiathos up to Agia Eleni Beach

  • Route Overview: Begin your journey from Vassilias Beach, our base. Our team provides a thorough briefing covering all necessary details and restrictions, especially considering the busy areas and wind conditions.
  • Highlights: If the wind is from the north, making the northern side inaccessible, the recommended route covers the south side of Skiathos and the nearby islands of Tsougria and Arkos. You will explore popular beaches such as Achladies Beach, Sklithri, Nostos, Kanapitsa, Diamanti, Vromolimnos, Kolios, Agia Paraskevi, Troulos, Maratha, Koukounaries, Ampelakia, Banana, Small Banana (nudist beach), and Agia Eleni Beach.
  • Hidden Gems: Between these main beaches, you’ll find secluded paradises, accessible only by boat. These hidden spots offer golden sands, shade from pine trees, and the clear, green-blue sea, providing a perfect escape from the crowds.

Great weather ? You must go around the island.

  • Route Overview: If the weather is favorable, we highly recommend to go arround the island of Skiathos . This route allows you to experience everything Skiathos has to offer, including 64 beaches, Lalaria, Kastro, Mandraki, and the northern beaches, which are usually inaccessible due to strong north winds.
  • Highlights: Starting from Vassilias Beach, explore the wild northern side of Skiathos up to Lalaria. You will see stunning beaches like Xanemos, Megas Gialos, and others before reaching Lalaria.
  • Lalaria Beach: Lalaria’s beauty is unparalleled, with its white marble creating clear waters and a brilliant turquoise color that is truly breathtaking. Due to its popularity and rocky areas, we’ll provide extra instructions for navigating Lalaria.
  • Safety Features: Our boats are equipped with a unique GPS system with geofencing. This advanced system, new to Greece, alerts you with a beeper when you approach areas with potential hazards, providing an extra layer of safety. This system, along with our monitoring of your location, ensures a unique and unforgettable boating experience.
  • Continuing the Journey: After Lalaria, you’ll visit Kastro, Kehria Beach, Ligaries Beach, Small and Big Aselinos, Mandraki, Xerxis Port, and the hidden beach. Finally, you will arrive at Agia Eleni and start exploring the south side of Skiathos, as previously described.

See our detailed Map you get with you

skiathos map boat hire map with routes
Best Boat rental Routes, Tips for First-Time Boaters, and all the beaches in Skiathos 9
Detailed boat rental tutorials
Detailed boat rental tutorials
Katerina boat for rent in Skiathos. The boat is ready to go on our platform
Katerina Boat for rent in Skiathos

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