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aggelos3 boat for rent skiathos

Aggelos III

Aggelos 3 , by compass ( New boat and engine for summer 2023)

Set off on life-changing experiences that will never be forgotten!  Explore  Skiathos beaches  with our brand new boat by Compass! Designed for families seeking the ultimate exploration experience, our luxurious vessel is the perfect choice for those looking to rent a boat and discover the hidden gems of Skiathos. Cruise in style, comfort, and safety as you soak up the sun and explore the pristine coastline. Book your Skiathos boat hire with us today and set sail on a journey of a lifetime

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2 aggelos2 skiathos boat hire

Aggelos ΙΙ

This boat is great for everyone. The beautiful Compass 150cc is easy to drive and very smooth on waves. It’s a top-notch boat to rent in general.

  • License FREE
  • Max People: 5
  • Engine 30hp (Big Foot)
  • Canopy: Yes
  • Anchors & Ropes


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Boat hire in Skiathos . A couple is returning after a great day exploring Skiathos beach

‘Maria’ Speed boat for rent

Starting this summer 2024, we decided to change the engine on the beautiful boat Maria of the Compass company. Our decision was made because this beautiful boat caters to families of up to six people, and the new engine from Yamaha with Italian finishing provides all the horsepower the boat needs for a great day exploring the beaches of Skiathos.

You do not need to have a license to rent this boat, and, of course, a detailed briefing is provided with full support on GPS tracker maps and more, ensuring a safe and unforgettable day in Skiathos.

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Boat for rent Stavros. Our smallest boat very popular with our customers

Stavros Boat

Stavros Boat is a beautiful boat with lots of fans asking only for Stavros Boat to rent
In Summer 2019, we installed a new four-stroke Engine, and it became a beautiful boat to rent.
Also Safe and easy to use for anyone. We had many families renting Stavros Boat for a week.
Is one of our smaller boats 4.30 m but also spacy and comfortable?
Book this boat and explore Skiathos Island Beach the best way



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4 aggelos1 skiathos boat hire

Aggelos I

Our new beautiful Compass 150 cc with a new Mercury engine is the ultimate choice for  a boat rental


  1. Never pay anything unless we first confirm availability.
  2. WhatsApp @ +306944194251 is the quickest way to communicate.

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boat hire in Skiathos Katerina boat

Katerina Boat

“KATERINA BOAT (Upgraded for Summer 2024)”


We’ve upgraded 😊 our Katerina boats based on customer feedback to make them the perfect choice for those who value space and comfort. Here are the new features:

1. Second Ladder with Platform: We’ve added a second ladder with a small platform, making it much easier to get on and off the boat.

2.New Driver and Co-driver Bench: A new bench has been installed for the driver and co-driver, enhancing comfort and convenience.

3. Expanded Sitting Area: The sitting area has been expanded to allow two adults to fully lay down and sunbathe comfortably.

4. New Engine Top Quality Throttle & Shift Control

We believe these enhancements make our Katerina boats ideal for those who love spaciousness and are perfect for large families.

Do you have any inquiries? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions or contact Stefanos via WhatsApp

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Giannis boat for rent in Skiathos . The picture shows the engine and the boat from the back

Giannis Boat

The 510-meter GIANNIS boat is one of the largest options for families; powered by 30 horsepower, it can accommodate up to six passengers in ease.


2 Pers 130 €
3-4 pers 140
5-6 pers  170 €

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evdora catamaran

Evdora Catamaran

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Traditional Sailing Katerina in Skiathos

Traditional Sailing Katerina

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