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The MOST amazing destinations in Skiathos @skiathosboathire

Boat trips with a driver are so prevalent in Skiathos, and you should take the chance and explore the beaches and all the points of interest.

We offer great trips with drivers for full or half-day tours.
Find below details why you should not miss a day trip with one of our speed boats.

We’ll take you to the most magnificent beaches, as well as caverns and secret beaches. We will experience the wildest side of Skiathos up to Katstro, with gorgeous Marble mountains.

The Marble is the reason we see so beautifully turquoise colors in Lalaria beach one of the most famous beaches on Skiathos.
Kastro, Kehria beach, Mandraki, Aselinos, Koukounaries and so many other beaches to explore all in a few hours

Stefanos Boat hire trips in Skiathos

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Outstanding Tsougria Beach

Developed and Created With Love and Patience

The beach at Tsougria is one of Skiathos’ most stunning. It is a superb experience for all ages, with stunning clear seas and protection from all breezes. The shallow waters provide the ideal playing field for all types of sports and safe swimming.

How to get there

Responsive is Considered in Every Step We Take

We provide outings with a driver so that you may go whenever you like.

What we can say about #tsougriabeach Paradise o earth!!!

With brilliant green pure seas, it is one of the most beautiful spots on the planet.
#tsougriabeach main beach is protected and has tranquil seas like a pool.
Lovely silky sand with pine trees as a final touch.
We adore Tsougria and are certain that you will as well.

What is there

Make Your Landing Pages Standout from The Crowd

There is a taverna and a beach bar with excellent food and service, so you can make the most of your day.

LALARIA BEACH in the north side of Skiathos Island. Photo taken in the summer 2019

Lalaria Beach

White round pebbles, beautiful rock formations and crystal clear waters. Can you imagine it? Oh, better yet, you can. You can book your trip and visit magnificent Lalaria the best time of the day without crowds.
Lalaria beach that can only be reached by boat.
It is surrounded by steep cliffs and provides a sense of isolation and calm.

We will also show you the Blue cave so you can take amazing pictures. Skiathos Boat trips with a driver will be your highlight on your holidays.

If you like to rent a boat by yourself and visit Lalaria, we recommend these boats for rent

Arkos Beach

Arkos Island is a prominent tourist site that you should not miss. For reasons we will explain while seeing the beaches of Skiathos, we include Arkos island in all of our visits.

Arkos beach Trips with a driver in Skiathos

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