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All free licence boats are similar in Skiathos. The differences are on the quality and the length of the ship. Some boats are perfect for couples, and some others are perfect for families with lots of space for the perfect day.
We may try to find you the perfect boat, and we do care for you to have not only the perfect day with a boat, but we will advise you for what you must do and not do in Skiathos
Call us, send us an email or use any of the social platforms we use and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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    tripadvisor stars 5  We had a truly amazing day thanks to Stefanos who is a really great guy. He helped us with everything. Boat was in excellent condition


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    Branislav N

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    There were six of us and it cost €70 that included a preplanned pick up at 3 o’clock.
    He was... read more

    Ralph P

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