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Deep V for smooth journey
Safe and comfortable, our six meter Rib will impresses you
with the stability and quality who offers
Familly edition. Perfect for families up to 8 people.
6.00 meters with Engine 140 hp SUZUKI
Book online for 2 or more days and save money

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Rent a Speed Boat or Rib WITH boat driving licence.

Find and Book your Speed Boat & Rib in Skiathos. Our company provides a wide range of extra services given that you are a registered rib boat operator (if not we will have a skipper).
The goal is to provide solutions and meet consumer needs of all ages:
These boats are a sample of what we offer. We can get you similar boats and engines if the ones below are not available or booked . 

We will do the best we can to provide excellent service as we want you to return with a big smile 

Rent a Rib boat in Skiathos

Skiathos Boat Hire Services makes RIB renting simpler and more affordable Renting a RIB is easier than ever before.
We cooperate with professionals owners of all kind of Ribs for rent in Skiathos.
We can deliver the Ribs to your villa, or any other place is convenient for you. 

Always available to help you find the perfect boat for your holiday in Skiathos
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Electric Anchors

Up to 10 passengers

Comfortable Captain seats

Deep V hull for smoother rides

Engines from 90 > 140 hp

You can rent a Rib with a Driver

Rib Boat

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Gallery of our beautiful Rib

Standard equipment

Boat & Engine Brand

Safe for families Boat Hire Boats

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Speed Boat MARIA

NEW COMPASS 165 CC with 115 hp engine

Our beautiful Maria Boat is a brilliant new speed boat for you to rent for a day or more.
The new Compass 165cc the perfect boat for families who like a fast and reliable and boat to explore.
We fall in love at first sight, and we are happy to have it in our fleet.
We installed a 115 hp Mercury engine which is the max power you can use in these boats.
It is equipped with the most fantastic captains and co-captains seat with plenty of luggage space.

We provide everything for you to have the perfect day.
Please visit Marias’s page for full details and booking form
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SKIATHOS BOAT HIRE speed boats for rent

Two Anchors

Up to 6 passengers

New perfect to ride boats

Made by Compass 

Deep V hull for smoother rides

Engines from 90 > 140 hp

Shade Canopies

You can rent it with a driver

Standard equipment


Safe for families Boat Hire Boats

Safety Equipment

Boat & Engine Brand


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