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Frequently asked questions for boat hire in Skiathos

F.A.Q , Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and Conditions of hiring a boat. Also Answers to Frequently Asked Questions from our customers

Table of Contents

Terms & Contitions

Port Police important rules for all boat rentals

Braking any of the following rules, Port police have the right to give you a ticket.
Port Police has the authority to stop you at any time for inspection.
They will check the safety equipment and the papers of the boat.
You must have an id with you on boards.

  • Always drive slowly, Never go at full speed, Never do sharp, dangerous turns.
  •  Never anchor inside the yellow buoys indicating the swimmer’s area
  • Never anchor where people are swimming. Keep the boat away from swimmers
    On busy beaches with watersports, you are only allowed to go out where the watersports have the yellow buoys
  • You are only authorized to go 1.5 miles from Skiathos coastline
  • It is forbidden to go to Skopelos Alonissos or Mainland.
  • The use of alcohol is strictly forbidden to the driver.

Boat HireTerms & Contidions

  •  You agree that you will bring the boat in the same conditions delivered to you in the morning.
  • If you break the propeller, cause any damage, or lose the anchor, lifejacket, oar, or any other part of the boat, you will have to pay for it so we can replace it for the next day rental.
  •  You must be 18 years or over to make a booking with us.
  • Although boats are insured, you (The Driver) are primarily responsible for any damage or loss to the boat and its equipment; in case of damage/loss, you will have to pay the amount of excess in full or part of; this amount will vary depending on the type of damage/or loss. You (The Driver) will be held responsible for the actions of the other members of your party as well.
  • Fuel costs are not included in boat rental rates.
  • It is mandatory to respect the maximum number of passengers permitted on board to comply with laws and regulations: it must not exceed the number of persons allowed.
  • Stefanos Watersports & Boat Hire may at its absolute discretion refuse to hand over a boat or terminate the boat rental period in advance where, in the opinion of Stefanos, the driver is likely to cause damage, distress, or fails to comply with company rules. In such an event, Stefanos will be under no obligation to refund any money.
  • If you are late 30 minutes after the agreed time without warning, we have the right to rent the boat to someone else, and you lose your deposit.
  • If you decide to cancel your boat for any reason other than weather conditions, you lose your deposit.
  • You are not allowed to go to Skopelos, Alonissos, or the mainland. All boats are licensed for Skiathos island and the islands of Tsougria and Arkos.
  • In any violation, the port authority has the right to keep your passport until you have paid the fine given to you.
  • The Port Police have the authority to cancel all boat rentals in the event of extreme weather.


General Information

By the law boat driving licence required only on speed boats with engines above 30 hp. We have a large verity of  non and with licence boats.


We want our customers to comprehend all the intricacies and the thorough briefing we provide,

We speak both English and Greek. We are unable to hire the boat if you or any of the other boat passengers do not speak either English or Greek.

We start the detailed briefing at 10:00 am. The return time is 18:00 pm.

Because it will be busy in the morning and text messages and emails won’t be easy to read, if you are going to be late, please phone us.

We reserve the right to rent the boat to someone else and keep the deposit if you fail to notify us in advance that you will be late.


  1. Contact us via 👉🏻  WhatsApp or email or call us and tell us what day you would like to rent the boat( We check  WhatsApp messages first). )
  2. We will check availability and let you know which boat is available.
  3. If you agree, we will send you a link to pay a small deposit 
  4. You must send us a screen shot of the payment. Do not forget to write your name, boat name and date on the payment notes 
  5. We must confirm back to you that everything is ok and the boat is booked

    We are all set and the boat will wait for you on our platform 


We provide you with a 25-liter full tank of fuel. The only boat with a 30 ltr tank is the AGGELOS II.
You just pay for what you really used at the end of the day. The litres are calculated using the current litre price.
Depending on your speed and how long you use the boat, you usually you consume half the tank.

You start with a full tank of gasoline. ( we check it together)
All the NON Licensed boats have a full 25 lt tank. The petrol is plenty for the day to go arround Skiathos as the engines are new 4 strokes and they are very economical.
Comparing to the older two-stroke engine with mixed oil gasoline these engine run quietly and very efficiently


The best will be if you let us know so we can rent the boat to somebody else at least one day before:  

  • If you cancel the same day, you lose the deposit. If we manage to rent the boat to another customer, then we will return your deposit. 
  • If you cancel because you are not feeling well for any reason, we will change the date.


Yes you can, if the weather permits. We can only say if the weather is good to go the same day you rent the boat.
For your safety, we will have to discuss your visit to Lalaria and the north side of Skiathos as we provide different maps with more details.
We want you to have the most exceptional experience, and for that reason, it will be useful if you follow our instructions for the perfect day to remember


Hello, I would like to know what the price would be for renting a boat.
We will be 6 adults, one child at the age of 13 and the other at the age of 9. We are planning holidays for July next year.
What is the rental time?
We are planning a trip for the whole day. Is the training included in the price? Do we need any permissions? Thank you for your answer.

If you have boat driving licence, then you can rent one of our bigger boats and you can be all together 6 adults and a child in the same boat.

If you don’t have  Boat Driving licence, then you will need to rent two boats. For Example  Giannis & Katerina Boats are identical, perfectly safe and spacy for families, and you don’t need a licence.

The Rental Time is from 10:00am to 18:00pm.Our Briefing starts at 10:00 am and is free. It will take about 30 minutes, including the map and that boat training. If we see you need more detailed information, we can provide that by making you feel comfortable with your boat.

😀 Thank you Karolina !


The boat costs start from 120 € -140 € depending on the boat you will choose. You can see all our boats in the following link 

Book your motorboat

Yes, the NON-LICENCED boats do not require boat driving licences. You will get from us a detailed brochure with all the details on how to navigate and operate your boat.


No, there is no limit on the age of the children. We provide life jackets for children from the age of 2-3.

For babies, we suggest you have the necessary lifejacket so they will feel comfortable wearing them.


As a family business, we take great pride in what we do. We could say a lot about ourselves, but it’s best to read what our clients have to say about us.


Read what our customers say about us.



You can only go around the island of Skiathos, but you can also go to Tsougria and Arkos.

This boat is only allowed to go 1.5 miles from the coast of Skiathos. You can’t go to Skopelos, Allonissos, or the mainland 


Payment Information

Yes we exept VISA and Mastercards

Yes you can pay via Paypal

First, it’s a good idea to go over the most typical damages that occur during the summer.

1. Breaking the Prop Guard,or the propeller is the most common and serious damage that can occur. We had no other major damage, which is why we’ll go over how to avoid it in great detail with you.

So far we had no additional more serius breaks or damages, If you are carfull avoiding to drive on  shallow waters with the engine running, we are confident you will have no problems at all.

Boat Parking Services

Yes, we offer Boat Parking Services.

A beautiful fenced area in Skiathos town designed explicitly for boat parking. We are targeting everyone who wants a trusted partner for everything to do with their boat.

We work with all the engineers at Skiathos, and we can advise you on any issues related to your boat.

We have a great experience, but our strong point is the confidence that we will develop into future cooperation.

So if you live abroad, in Greece, and want your boat in Skiathos always ready for you and your family, we are exactly what you are looking for. Contact us for any information you might have

Where you are located ?

We are in Vassilias beach below Kassandra bay Hotel.

If you come with the bus number #8 is the bus stop you like to stop. Allso  #7 Bus Stop is perfect to stop for Vassilias beach.

Is Big Vassilias and Small Vassilias two different beaches?

No is one beautiful family beach, not as busy as the other more popular beaches.
And for that reason that is not very busy, we keep the quality up to the standards we want 

How is the weather in Low Season May and September?

May and September are wonderful months to visit Skiathos. Quiet and everybody is more relaxed and happy to help you..

The weather is glorious and warm perfect for people who like Skiathos more quiet for relaxation and recovery.

The identity of Skiathos ...

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