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What is your favourite beach location on Skiathos?

Instructions on how to approach and anchor with your rental boat on Tsougria beach.Nine out of ten people answer Tsougria beach and i totally agree as it is our favourite beach as well

Tsougria beach is a small heaven on earth you must visit when you rent a boat on your holidays in Skiathos.

July and August the busy months it gets very crowded with boats, and it is a good idea you know where and how to anchor your boat 

We made a small video for you, and we hope that will help you understand better which side of the beach is good to anchor and why.

The beach packed with happy people swimming in the crystal clear turquoise waters. This is the main reason is difficult some times to approach with your rental boat very close to the beach 

If that is the case, then we suggest you anchor by the yellow buoys and swim to the beach. We provide dry bags so you can take with you your phone, money and towels.

There is also a wooden dock but our directions in the morning are very clear not to approach as this platform is only for the bigger boats following g a specific schedule bringing and taking people to the beach. 

The point that is appropriate for the port authority to be able to safely approach the beach in shallow water is the right side of the beach

There we follow the instructions we received in the morning from the detailed briefing

In the following video, you can see the details with a blueprint, you will have to approach the beach safely and follow the rules that will follow

Do not hesitate to communicate with me if you have any questions.

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