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Two Skiathos Sailing Yaghts

Skiathos Sailing, Our Recommendations ⛵️

Skiathos Sailing is something you must book for a day excursion around Skiathos and Skopelos.
There is a massive variety of boats to choose from. We can suggest to you the Captains and Boats we know and trust.
We think it is essential to have a good captain and boat so you day sailing will be unforgettable.
All boats make the Mamma Moa trip in Skopelos, and you have the change to visit the famous church and beach
Find below our recommendations for excellent yachts and experienced captains who live in Skiathos all year round and comfortable boats for your relaxations

Skiathos Sailing , ( Sea Star Sailing)

Sea Star Sailing

Sea Star Sailing offers a range of half and full-day sailing excursions around Skiathos and a number of popular islands, The North Sporades islands.

We call it Island hopping holiday!
Our carefully selected sailing routes allow you to sail and see the best-secluded beaches hidden with no road access. It is a whole new way to explore Skiathos island.

Visit our dedicated site skiathosseastarsailing.com and we are here to answer any questions, or to adjust any kind of trip you imagen.

Our skipper will guide you through all you need to know and hopefully teach you some basic sailing skills so you can actively experience what it is like to sail a yacht. http://skiathosseastarsailing.com

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Evdora Catamaran

Evdora is modern and fully equipped catamaran, EVDORA.
Your crew, Captain George and Crew will offer you an enjoyable day sailing to the delightful neighbouring island of Skopelos. The trip will take you to hidden bays surrounded by the deep blue Aegean Sea.

Stops for swimming and snorkelling as well as pure relaxation on deck that will ease your body and soul. If you want to try your hand at sailing you are welcome to support our crew who will be more than willing to let you lend a hand. Enjoy a beautiful lunch in Elios Port on Skopelos island.
Come and join us on one of our daily cruises, we will endeavour to make your holiday unique and unforgettable.
Sailing on a catamaran is smooth and suitable for all ages, including young children.

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