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Video Tutorials 🎥

Stefanos provides comprehensive guidance, leaving no detail overlooked, to ensure your seamless experience when renting a boat from us.
Our thorough briefing encompasses everything from boat operation to navigation, delivered with clarity and precision. 

Boat Hire tutorials in Skiathos. A detailed tutorial by Stefanos on how to navigate and operate your boat

Video tutorials for boat rental in Skiathos

We have created a number of instructional videos to help you understand the principles; we believe they will significantly improve your understanding.
The briefing process will go more effortlessly if your questions are prepared in advance of our meeting.

You may be sure that we are here to answer any questions you may have. Furthermore, we would be happy to set up an individual instructional session to make sure you comprehend all of the important dos and don’ts.

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Table of Contents, Explore our Videos

Play Video about Skiathos Boa Hire , Happy customers in Lalaria droping anchor

How to unstuck your anchor in Lalaria beach

Sometimes, our customers have problems in Lalaria. When they drop the anchor, they discover that the bottom of the sea in Lalaria consists only of rocks. The anchor gets stuck, and in most cases, they end up losing the anchor, or seeking assistance. This video explains a simple method to enhance the chances of releasing the anchor without any help.

Briefing : Stefanos

Learn about your propeller and what to avoid.

Everything you need to know about your propeller, the proper way to hoist your engine, and why you should exercise caution when you get close to a shore.

Briefing : Stefanos

How to safely anchor and approach the beach, and the two options we recommend

I present to you with the smallest detail all the information about your propeller , and how to approach a busy or a quiet beach. 

Please see the video before you rent the boat with us and we believe you will have the most wonderful day of your life 🤗

Briefing : Stefanos

The Briefing

The tutorial Briefing essential for you to understand everything with the smallest detail. Some things change as we give you different directions for the north side and Lalaria. Our boats have reliable new engines, and our Top in Class boats guarantee a safe journey for you and your family

❗️ This video was made a long time ago, when we had  two-stroke engines.
Now all the engines  and bopats are brand new, all four-stroke, very reliable, and very safe to go around the island and explore the whole island. We will make sure to update your video with the details.


Briefing : Stefanos

How to approach Tsougria Beach

Tsougria is one of the most beautiful beaches on Skiathos, and you must visit it and see in the sparkling clear turquoise water. Sometimes it gets very busy with boats, and Port police have some regulations you must comply.
We tried to explain to you how and where to anchor your boat.

Video tutorial : Stefanos

Boat throttle control. How it works and what you need to know

A short instruction on how to operate and understand your boat’s throttle better. (N) Νeutral, (F) forward, and (R) reverce gear. What you need to remember when leaving the beach and more things  we believe  you should know for a lovely day out enjoying all of Skiathos’ beaches

Video @stefanosskischool #skiathosboathire

How to anchor your boat.

We showing to you one way to anchor your boat. Nobody can claim that he is professional on that matter as the wind is changing and captains should always check the boat and re-anchor if needed.
We make it easy for your providing two anchors, and we explain with the smallest detail what you will need to do.

Video tutorial : Stefanos Ski Center & Boat Renatl

Stefanos as a captain on Tsougria Beach

We make it perfect for you !! Our love and passion for this paradise called Skiathos is transferred to you. We are so happy when by the end of the day you look so excited!!

Video @stefanosskischool #skiathosboathire

Magnificent boat trips to Lalaria and Blue cave

Stefanos taking a beautiful family for the second year to Lalaria and Bue cave. We need perfect conditions to approach and the magic blue waters inside the cave, SO many more things we do for you, you only see on our private trip

Video @stefanosskischool #skiathosboathire

The dangerous rocks in Lalaria. We show you the two rocks hiding just below the surface.

When you visit Lalaria Beach for the first time, you should be aware of the rocks hiding just under the surface. If not you might break the propeller and that can ruin your day as you will have to pay a lot of money to replace it
Stefanos shows the two main rocks approximately 60 metres from the beach of Lalaria

Video @stefanosskischool #skiathosboathire

Big thanks for sharing that video ❤️

Big thanks for sharing that video
We want to say a big thank you for sharing this beautiful video with us. They had the boat for a week, and they enjoyed every single day. Kids had the change to drive in the open sea an become the Pirates of Skiathos


Another beautifull video from our customers ❤️

Another beautiful video from our wonderfully customers !!

We are so happy even to think that they spend time to create beautiful videos with our boats

Video: from wonderfull customers

Moments from our Boat Rental Center

Video form our Boat Hore & Watersport Center on Vassilias beach

Video @stefanosskischool #skiathosboathire

Off they go

After the detailed briefing, they are ready to go. After a few minutes, you are relaxed, and you enjoy the sea and sun with your family

Boat Briefing: George

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