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What is it that makes Skiathos, Greece famous?

As one of the five islands that make up the Sporades, Skiathos is one of the smallest. The group’s most popular island, Skiathos, has an international airport and is hence the closest to the mainland. Alternatively, you can fly into Athens, rent a car, and take a hydrofoil or ferry from Agios Kostantinos to Skiathos.

The Greek island of Skiathos is a part of the Sporades island group, which is located in the northwestern part of the Aegean Sea. This picture-perfect island in the Aegean Sea is well-known for its beautiful beaches, natural atmosphere, cosmopolitan vibe, and vibrant nightlife; it checks all the boxes when it comes to ideal vacation destinations. The island’s diverse beaches are, without a doubt, the main attraction for visitors.

The majority of the island is composed of mountains, the tallest of which is Mount of SAVROS, which stands at an elevation of 433 meters and is located on a mountain in the island’s north that is known as Karafiltzanaka.

Skiathos has a total land area of 61 square kilometers, and its length from north to south is 12 kilometers, while its width is 6 kilometers. The island’s circumference is 48 kilometres. The topography of Skiathos is characterized by its plethora of lush forested areas and crystal clear lakes, which together provide a wealth of natural beauty.

Skiathos Beaches

Skiathos is known for its beaches; which is due to the 64 sandy beaches that surround this small island; incredible, magical beaches that can be visited on foot or by car, but the most popular way is by boat; Almost all beaches are accessible by car, but there are many that require a boat to enjoy their unique beauty.
One of the beaches that is very famous and can only be visited by boat is Lalaria.
Starting from the village of Skiathos on the south side of the island, we begin with the MEGALI AMMOS beach. VASSILIAS BEACH, MYTIKAS BEACH AXLADIES beach SKLITHRI beach TZANERIA beach KANAPITSA beach DIAMANTI beach VROMOLIMNOS beach AGIA PARASKEVI Beach TROULOS beach MARATHA beach KOUKOUNARIES beach AMPELAKIA beach BANANA beach AGIA ELENI and SMALL BANANA.

These beaches, with blond sand and easy access, are located on the south windless side of the island.

Some useful info about Skiathos

Total land area: 49.9 square kilometers
Weather: Fantastic in the Summer Time April – October
Population: 6.600 counted on (2001)
37002 is the zip code here.
In the 24270 area code,
Belongs to the Aegean Islands and the Sporades complex

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What is it that makes Skiathos, Greece famous? 3

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